Kow Thai  Take Out


  1. A1. Edamame
    Steamed fresh Soybeans
  2. A5. Thai Dumplings, or Veggie Dumplings
    Stuffed with Chicken, shrimp, crabmeat, or Veggie, served with sweet soy sauce
  3. A2. Thai Spring Rolls:( Chicken or Veggie)
    Crispy rolls served with sweet & sour sauce
  4. A6. Thai Fish Cake
    Mixed with Thai red curry, sliced green beans, served with cucumber dipping sauce
  5. A3. Roti Shana:(Chicken, or Veggie)
    Fried Layered Breads served wih Yellow Curry
  6. A7. Koong SaBai
    Shrimp wrapped in pastry rolls served with sweet & sour sauce
  7. A4. Curry Puff
    A pasty puff stuffed with potatoes based and onions in curry seasoning
  8. A8. Thai Satay: (Chicken, or Shrimp, or Tofu)
    On skewers served with Thai peanut sauce and cucumber dipping sauce
  9. A9. Thai Wings: Thai Version of Spicy
    Buffalo wings topped with crispy Thai basil leaves
  1. Edamame
  2. CK Satay
  3. Dumpling